Solar Powered Outdoor LED Screens

Solar Powered LED Trailer Screens

Solar powered LED trailers give you the opportunity to promote your event, cause or product launch in the outdoors without the need for an external power source. If your event is at a school, park or show-grounds our solar powered trailer screens can go where externally powered trailers can’t. And with a back-up battery unit, you can have confidence they operate every time.

Our solar powered trailer screens comply with Australian Standards, are all season weather-proof and operate 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get your marketing message out come rain, hail or shine with solar powered LED digital trailers.

solar LED trailer

Solar Powered LED Trailer Signs


  • W: 1800 mm | L: 2800 mm | H: 2400 mm
  • Full Color (SMD) Display 2560X1600 mm
  • Viewing Distance – 5 to 100 Mts
  • High Refresh Rate >1920Hz
  • Automatic Brightness Control Sensors
  • High Brightness >6500 nits
  • 3G or Wireless control for easy programming
  • High Quality Steel and Aluminum construction
  • Water and Weatherproof construction
  • Wheel chains and Security lock options
Solar powered LED Trailer Screens

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